How To Run An Effective Pay Per Click Campaign With Google?

Many people have heard about Google’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Platform, also known as Google Ads. Many digital marketers, business owners, and people from all walks of life have also tried their hand at the platform, running an ad campaign, often with the desired result in mind and certain objectives. 

If you want to run a successful and effective pay-per-click campaign with Google, then in this article, we have walked you through everything you need to know and do: from the basics to some unique techniques that you need for the success of your campaign. So, simply keep reading. 

The Basics of PPC and Google Ads

Pay-Per-Click Marketing, or PPC, is a kind of paid Advertisement or digital marketing where the advertisers pay a certain fee every time someone clicks on their ad. Google Ads is a paid advertising platform that comes under this marketing channel. 

Google Ads is indeed the best platform to run an ad campaign, simply because of the potential visibility it offers, with over 5 billion daily interactions and 2.9 billion unique monthly visitors. Google Ads was launched two years after the launch of It was earlier known as Google Adwords, and it was renamed Google Ads in 2018. 

When it comes to running a PPC campaign, a very simple fact is that the more focused and specific your campaign is, the more will click and the results. That being said, there are specific features of the platform that you must be aware of and some key techniques to perfectly optimize your campaigns and fetch the best results for your Google Ads campaign.

How To Perfectly Optimize Your Google Ads Campaign? 

Whether you are running a single campaign from your Google Ads account or a dozen of them, with the right optimization techniques, you can fetch the ideal results for one or all of them. 

Ascertain Your Goals

There are three types of goals for an ad campaign on Google Ads. They are: 

  • Generate leads
  • Promote brand awareness
  • Increase sales

Your campaign may have just one or all of these goals. You will have to optimise your campaign based on the kind of objective/s you have. The success of a PPC campaign revolves around the relevance of your ad. 

Accurately Targeting The Target Audience

Users on Google are looking for a specific product, service, or information at a given point in time. You have to show a targeted ad at that exact moment that a user is searching for what you are selling. For instance, if a user is searching for “coffee mugs under $20.” then you can show an advertisement that shows them “coffee mugs under $20.” 

Proper Use Of Keywords

Keywords are of different types. They are: 

  • Exact
  • Close Variant 
  • Phrase or LSI 
  • Broad
  • Modified Broad
  • Session-Based 

Along with that, you can also add “negative keywords” to filter out unwanted traffic and audience. A negative keyword helps filter people you do not target as buyers and do not want to click on your ads. 

Ending Note

With these things in mind, you will have to create the perfect ad copies that will fetch the desired results and lead to the success of your pay-per-click campaign with Google.